Why Kamado Cookers are All the Rage in Outdoor Cooking


It seems there’s a new player in the outdoor cooking world: kamado cookers. Well, they’re not exactly new with rudimentary versions having been used in Japan, India and China for thousands of years, but they’re fairly new to us and are becoming increasingly popular.

The large, visually striking, egg-shaped modern kamados are being hailed as the ultimate tool for backyard chefs, but as expected from something that has been around longer than Jesus, there is nothing particularly revolutionary about the cookers. Similar to kettle BBQs and wood-fired pizza ovens, they utilise reflected heat from round internal surfaces and air vents for temperature control. The difference is that kamados are constructed of materials (generally high-quality ceramic, but also steel, cement and terracotta) with excellent insulation properties that allow temperatures of up to an astonishing 600 degrees Celsius.

This makes them perfect for everything from grilling a steak to smoking a salmon to roasting a lamb to baking a pizza.

The kamado cookers are typically fueled by lump wood charcoal. Some versions use gas and electricity, but much like BBQs, they are generally criticised for failing to infuse the foods with those smoky, traditional flavours that we get from charcoal.

The temperatures are easily controlled using an air vent in the top of the egg that releases hot air, as well as one at the base that allows cool air to flow into the firebox. The ceramic kamados are generally finished with a high-gloss glaze that is easy to clean, ultra tough, stays cool to the touch and looks great.

All in all, the versatile kamados are shaping up to be outdoor cookers that could one day rival our iconic BBQs. See videos of the versatile cooking you can do on the Saffire Gill – our kamado cooker– at http://www.allbbqs.com.au/kamado-cookers/saffire-grill.html.

What do you think? Have you used a kamado cooker? Are you thinking about buying one? Do you have any questions about them? Leave your comments below and stay posted for more news and info on kamado cookers.

Marian O'Neill

Marian O'Neill

Managing Director at allBBQs.com.au
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