Top 11 Most Common Barbecuing Mistakes: Part 1 Prep Mistakes

Someone once said that only through making mistakes can true progress be made. In your quest to become the best BBQ chef you can be, no doubt you will make mistakes, you will learn from them and you will make progress. But what’s even better is learning from other people’s mistakes. And luckily for you, thousands of people have stuffed up an infinite number of meals (myself included) so that you don’t have to!

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Presenting: the Top 11 Most Common Barbecuing Mistakes. This week we’ll look at mistakes made during the prep stage of barbecuing:

1.      Failing to preheat: I know how it is; sometimes you’re so bloody hungry that you simply can’t spare the 10-15 minutes it takes to preheat the barbie. Well, restrain yourself! Putting your food on a gradually heating BBQ, rather than an already hot one, will wreak havoc with your cooking times and how evenly your food is cooked.

2.      Failing to clean…regularly: You really should be cleaning your barbie after every use. And if you’re really finicky, before every use as well. Failing to do so will ensure that you’re not only cooking tonight’s steak, but the remnants of last month’s as well. Yuck.

3.      Going straight from the fridge to the barbie: Always take meat out of the fridge about an hour (no longer or you risk bacterial infection) before throwing it on the barbie, allowing it to reach room temperature. This way, it will be far easier to cook the meat evenly all the way through.

4.      Seasoning Mistakes: These include either failing to season, or seasoning too early. Seasoning your meat with oil, salt, pepper and any other herbs/spices will help bring out the meat’s natural flavours, as well as “spice” it up a bit. However, seasoning too early will draw the moisture out of the meat, leaving it dry, tough and tasteless. I like to wrap the meat and leave for 30 mins or so after I have added herbs or spices.

What do you think? Have you made any of the above mistakes?

Join me next week for Numbers 5-11 of my Top 11 Most Common Barbecuing Mistakes when we look at mistakes made during the cooking stage.

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