The BBQ Brigade: How to Get Your Kids to Help with Dinner

We all know that if you even mention the word “chore” to your kids, they’ll go running faster than Usain Bolt. But what if you could somehow make the nightly chore of getting ready for dinner fun?

Presenting: the BBQ Brigade!

Whether it’s Batman, Superman, Ironman or Wonder Woman, every kid wants to be a superhero. They just need some good deeds to undertake. Oh, and a cool name of course…and maybe a cape.

I can help you out with the good deeds and the cool names, but you’re on your own with the costumes.

Family BBQ

GRILLMAN: No barbie is too hot for Grillman and there is not a cut of meat on earth that he can’t barbecue to perfection. His superpower? Knowing the precise moment to take the steaks off the barbie whether they’ve been ordered rare, medium-rare or well done.

CONDIMENTS BOY: Grillman’s loyal sidekick, Condiments Boy will have the salt, pepper and a beer in Grillman’s hand before he can even light the barbie. His superpower is knowing exactly which sauces to put on the dining table to suit whatever Grillman is cooking up.

CUTLERY KID: An integral member of the BBQ Brigade, nobody eats without Cutlery Kid’s handy work. She’ll have the dining table set so neatly you’ll feel bad you have to mess it up by eating off it. Her superpower is being able to carry her own weight in silverware and crockery.

THE BOSS: Quite simply, The Boss can do it all. Everyone knows they must follow her orders or there will be hell to pay. While Grillman, Condiments Boy and Cutlery Kid are focused on their own individual tasks, The Boss is keeping it all together and ensuring a meal ends up on the table every night. Her superpower? Maintaining her sanity while running a household in which everyone else is pretending they’re superheroes!

What do you think? Do you have any ideas for other helpful household superheroes? What techniques do you use to get your kids to help out? Leave your comments below.

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