Outdoor Kitchens: The Benefits, What to Consider & the Effect on the Value of your Home

Part 1: Why would I want one?

Outdoor Kitchen

As Aussies, we are very lucky to live in a sun-soaked country. And we’re generally pretty good at taking advantage of it too. We love our outdoor sports; we love bushwalking, beaching and picnicking; and we love outdoor cooking and dining.

As such, it surprises me that so few people take their BBQ space to the next level and install an outdoor kitchen. Perhaps a little education is all that is required.

Welcome to my 3-part blog series on outdoor kitchens. I’m going to be discussing why you would even want one; what to think about before getting one; and how much money you’ll make by installing one.

So first up, the benefits of outdoor kitchens:

1.      Bang for your buck: When you build an outdoor kitchen, you’re building a new room. You’re converting playing space to living space, and you’re doing so much more cheaply than if you were adding another room to the house.

2.      Keep the party together: When entertaining, there’s nothing worse than being stuck in the kitchen, preparing course after course, while your guests are having a great time on the patio getting stuck into YOUR wine.

A well-designed outdoor kitchen ensures that you can remain with the party even while basting the roast, so you won’t miss a thing.

Outdoor kitchen

3.      An outdoor kitchen is OUTDOORS: The majority of us spend most of our work days stuck indoors – either in the office or commuting. The last thing we want when we get home on a beautiful summer’s evening is to be slowly roasted in the kitchen…that’s the lamb’s job!

An outdoor kitchen enables you to spend a greater chunk of your evenings outside with the breeze, the birds and the setting sun. Aaahh.

Outdoor Kitchen

4.      No more cooking relay races: Cooking outside need not be the marathon effort that it often is. Next time you want to cook a genuine meal outside, count how many times you make the dash from the barbie to the kitchen and back again. I’d guess that you’re not getting away with any less than 20 trips.

A well-organised and well-stocked outdoor kitchen has everything that you need right at your fingertips…just like your indoor kitchen!

5.      Spend more time with the kids: Don’t you hate getting home from work, cooking and cleaning up, only to find that it’s time for the kids to go to bed and you’ve barely seen them all night?

Me too. So how do you fix it? Well you’ve got little chance of getting your kids to spend more time with you in the kitchen; to them the kitchen just means chores. So take your cooking where they like to spend their time: the backyard!

6.      Increase the resale value of your home:…maybe. Tune in to Part 3 for more on that.

If you needed any convincing to begin with, I hope the above has convinced you of the awesomeness of outdoor kitchens. But before you dive in, there are a few things to consider - tune in next week for ….

“Outdoor Kitchens Part 2: Should I just buy something from Nobby Kitchens and whack it in between the clothes line and the dog kennel?”

Marian O'Neill

Marian O'Neill

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