Outdoor Kitchens: The Benefits, What to Consider & the Effect on the Value of your Home: Part 3

Is my home going to be worth a gazillion dollars?

Ok, so after reading Parts 1 & 2 of this series, you’ve decided to build an outdoor kitchen. You’ve carefully marked out the space in the backyard. You’ve chosen the size, components and style. You’re excited. And you think that since you’re so excited, everyone will be excited. And when it comes time to sell the house, prospective buyers will be so excited that they’ll start an unprecedented bidding war that will make you an instant gazillionaire.

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Well, I’d love to say it’s that simple and that once the kitchen is cooking, buyers will be beating down your door with suitcases full of money, but it’s not.

The thing is that for some people (don’t ask me who), an outdoor kitchen is not a high priority when buying a house. They may see it as a nice perk, but not as the additional living space that it is. As such, it may not have the same positive effect on the value of your house as say, renovating your indoor kitchen.

The good news is that it’s certainly not going to hurt. The better news is that by the same token, there are a lot of people out there who would love an outdoor kitchen, and would be willing to pay more for a house that has one.

Once again, if in doubt, don’t be afraid to get some advice. Local real estate experts with knowledge of the local market should be able to provide advice on the likely effect of any alterations on the value of your house.

Well that’s it for my 3-part series on outdoor kitchens. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope your plans for an outdoor kitchen of your own are in the pipeline.

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Marian O'Neill

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