‘Longest BBQ Marathon’ Crown Returns to Australia

Two months ago, something happened in the world of elite barbecuing that somehow didn’t receive the front-page headlines it deserved: the Guinness World Record for the Longest BBQ Marathon was returned to its spiritual homeland of Australia.

That’s right, starting at 7am on June 13 and finishing at 3pm the next day, Beehive Foundation volunteers Helen Godfrey and Rose Spiteri, as well as 100 other volunteers, barbecued for an epic 31 hours. This smashed the previous record by over two hours, which was set by two of our arch enemies (that is, Englishmen) only one month prior.

Beehive Foundation BBQ - RXP Services

Before that, the record was held by a Swiss pair after originally being set in Sydney in 2011 by six Commonwealth Bank staff. So it is great news that the crown is returning to its rightful owners: Oz!

With the official rules requiring that at least five different food items be cooked up, Godfrey and Spiteri opted for bacon & egg rolls, snags, burgers, kransky and veggie burgers. The rules also state that all of the cooked food has to actually be eaten, so it took an equally mighty effort by the people of Melbourne to polish off the 600 kilos worth of donated meat.

Well done to all! Great effort!

The Beehive Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that delivers free structured programs to help our youth build resilience, self esteem & confidence through life skills that build coping strategies, and focus on work ethic, motivation, goal setting, and facing fears.​

What do you think? Did you take part in this epic cook-off, whether as a volunteer or an eater? How was it? Do you want to take a crack at beating the 31 hours set by the Beehive Foundation? Leave your comments below.


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