Jazz City BBQ – Try Texas Style BBQ Here in Australia

In its simplest form, barbecuing is an ancient method of cooking that over the ages has spread throughout the world, undergoing many iterations and variations along the way. One of the most distinctive barbecuing styles is Texas style. It’s rich, it’s smoky, it’s delicious and now you can try it for yourself…without flying to the other side of the world.

Jazz City BBQ Surry Hills

In August 2014, American chef Dan McGuirt opened Jazz City BBQ in the hip inner-Sydney suburb of Surry Hills. Complete with neon beer signs, booth seating and every condiment you can imagine, McGuirt has done his darndest to make the place look like a genuine southern American diner.

However, the most authentic part (thankfully) is the food. Brisket, pulled pork, ribs, sausages, turkey and whatever else will fit in the wood smoker is sold by weight rather than by the dish, just like in the Lone Star state. This is great news for the foodies who want to try a bit of everything. You can order 100g of beef brisket ($6), 100g of pork ribs ($5) and a link of hot sausage ($5) without breaking the bank. McGuirt himself is usually there to carve a piece specially for you.

Be sure to try the traditional side dishes as well, such as the coleslaw and beans. Though the consensus seems to be that the sweet cornbread is the star of the show.

The best thing about trying different styles of BBQ of course is that it often inspires a few new things the next time you’re the one wearing the chef’s hat.

Have you been to Jazz City BBQ? What did you think? Favourite dish? Let us know in the comments below.


Marian O'Neill

Marian O'Neill

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