How to Host a Backyard BBQ Wedding

Who doesn’t love a wedding? The decorations, the food, the booze, the family, the friends, the smart outfits – and all for only $36,000…wait, what? I mean, they’re fun, but $36,000?!

That’s the whopping cost of the average Aussie wedding these days with many costing far more. That’s money that you might rather be spending on a new car, a loooong holiday, or your kids’ education. But you still want to have the wedding of your dreams, right?

Well how about a backyard BBQ wedding? At a fraction of the cost, you’ll get everything you get with a traditional venue wedding, PLUS a personal celebration that has a level of intimacy and romance that’s difficult to replicate at a function centre.

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Follow these tips to get you started on organising the backyard wedding of your dreams:

1. Keep it simple

Take another look at the above list of the things people love about weddings. It’s pretty short and simple isn’t it? The point is that people, including your wedding guests, are fairly easy to please; feed them well, make sure they have plenty to drink and they ought to be happy. So keep your organisation just as simple. Start with the things that matter and then work your way down to the fondue fountain and customised place settings.

2. Use your own backyard if possible

Getting married in the place in which you and your partner will be kicking off your lives together is a great way to truly personalise your wedding. Plus, you’ll forever get that warm, fuzzy, wedding feeling every time you go into your backyard!

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3. Utilise the natural scenery

Most backyards come equipped with ready-to-use decorations in the form of trees, plants and flowers, so be sure to use them. You can do simple things to emphasise these features by hanging streamers from branches or placing tea lights among the bushes. You can also create your centrepieces using items “borrowed” from your backyard – you’ll be amazed how good a jar of sticks can look in the right context.

4. The food – simple and classic

Backyard wedding

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The all-important catering conundrum. Once again, keep it simple…and since this is a BBQ blog, keep it barbecued. Whether the cooking is done in-house or through a catering company; whether you go with a self-serve buffet or table service, it doesn’t matter. Just keep the menu simple and classic, so that there’s something there for everyone. You can’t go wrong with meat, fish and veggie options.

What do you think? Have you been to or hosted a backyard wedding? Got any great ideas? Leave your comments below.

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