Hone Your Skills With a BBQ Cooking Class

With any life skill, once you’ve acquired the bare basics, it can be easy to rest on your laurels without looking to advance any further. This is often the case with barbecuing. It’s the reason we have a generation of fathers whose entire barbecuing repertoire comprises overcooked chops and sausages.

Well at your next barbie, wouldn’t it be great to surprise your friends and family by serving up king prawns with lemon and chilli? Or roasted leg of lamb with rosemary and garlic? Or a rack of ribs with caramelised onions and red wine jus?

The most effective, and certainly the most fun, way of expanding your repertoire is to take a barbecue cooking class. Various companies all around Australia now offer classes that can teach you all of the above recipes and plenty more.

BBQ cooking classes

They are usually light-hearted affairs that aim to demonstrate the versatility of barbecues, and teach that with a little practice, you too can grill up gourmet meals. Generally run over the course of a single day, they make the learning process fun without being too intensive. This is helped by the fact that many of the classes incorporate beer and wine.

Each student is given the opportunity to cook the dishes themselves under the guidance of the teachers, who demonstrate the subtleties of barbecuing that separate the good meals from the great.

BBQ class

So if you’d like to hone you’re BBQ skills, jump on Google, plug in “BBQ classes” in your local area and get along. Or if you’re sick of Dad’s overcooked chops and sausages, they make for great gifts as well.

Have you attended any BBQ cooking classes? Which one? Was it enjoyable? And what did you learn?


Marian O'Neill

Marian O'Neill

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