Father’s Day, The Perfect Combination of Two of Australia’s Great Loves: Our BBQs and Our Dads

From Clark Griswald in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation to Married With Children’s Al Bundy to Homer Simpson, Dads cop a bad rap these days. All too often they’re portrayed in popular culture as bumbling, moronic, lazy idiots.

Of course we all know that this is far from the truth and Father’s Day is a great opportunity to remember that most of our dads are loving, stoic and hard-working defenders and providers for their families.

Dad and his wheel barrow BBQ

Do you think Dad needs a new BBQ?

To find a perfect example, you need look no further than the man for whom Father’s Day was originally created: William Jackson Smart. After his wife died giving birth to their 6th child, this U.S. Civil War veteran was left to take on the job of raising and providing for their entire brood on his own.

Upon hearing  about the newly created Mother’s Day in 1909, Smart’s eldest daughter felt her father, and indeed all fathers, deserved recognition as well. Thus, after some vigorous campaigning, Father’s Day was born.

The momentous day is now celebrated all over the world in different ways and at various times of the year. In some countries gifts are given, in others places of worship are visited, and in one (Germany), men spend the day hiking while pushing a wooden cart filled with booze and getting drunk.

 The one commonality in all though is food. Whether it’s breakfast in bed, lunch at Granddad’s place or dinner at a local restaurant, people everywhere use the opportunity to recognise their Dads’ contributions while stuffing their faces.

Matthew Hayden BBQ

Here in Australia, things are no different. Although, there is a particularly special marrying of food and our fathers, since Father’s Day falls on the first Sunday of spring, which is the official start of BBQ Season. And really, is there a more enduring image of Aussie culture than Dad, armed with a pair of tongs, poised over a smoking barbie, cooking up a set of snags?

You can be sure that this September 7th that’s the image that will be filling Australian backyards and parks everywhere, so why not make it look even better by adding a brand new barbie to the picture?

Dad will love it!

All BBQs have some great Father’s Day deals on a range of barbies, including the brand new versatile ProQ charcoal series, the Napoleon gas and charcoal BBQs and some unusual BBQ tools you may not have seen before.

 All BBQs Fathers Day Specials

The best thing about these BBQ deals is that they come with a FREE cooking class from the well-renowned BBQ School, or a FREE copy of the book “Heat & Smoke” by BBQ expert Bob Hart. So not only will you be giving Dad the greatest gift a father could ever want (a new barbie!), you’ll be giving him the knowledge of how to use it better than ever before.

What a great way to thank your Dad for all he’s done this year.

Check out allBBQs.com.au for more info on these special offers and advice on which is the best barbie for your Dad this Father’s Day. 

Marian O'Neill

Marian O'Neill

Managing Director at allBBQs.com.au
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