Easter BBQ – Nothing we love doing better on a paid day off!

Easter is an important time for many Australians. It’s a time for sacrifice. A time for giving thanks. But mostly, it’s a time for a whole bunch of public holidays and four-day work weeks! And if there’s something we love doing on a paid day off, it’s have a barbie. To get you in the mood, I’d like to take you on a trip down memory lane and remember That BBQ Smell!

Holiday BBQ

For some reason, Easter is also about eggs…and a bunny. Now I’m no biologist, but I’m pretty sure rabbits don’t lay eggs; we’ll go with it anyway because everyone loves Easter eggs. But what about those of us who want those magical eggs all year round? And those of us that would think it more magical if instead of finding M&M’s inside their eggs, they found say, a steak? Or a pizza? Well I’m here to tell you that such magical eggs do exist. They are called Kamados and you can see why they are all the rage in outdoor cooking here.

Saffire Grill

And of course, Easter is also about winter. Daylight savings is over. Only the last traces of summer remain. The days are getting shorter. And colder. But remember; Don’t Let Your Barbie Hibernate This Winter. The change in weather need not prevent you from getting out there and battling the elements; armed with only a pair of tongs and a spatula.

Happy Easter!

Marian O'Neill

Marian O'Neill

Managing Director at allBBQs.com.au
My name is Marian O’Neill and I am the owner of All BBQs. My working life commenced as a primary school teacher, however the majority of my career has been in business with my husband. I love BBQ cooking and decided to follow my interest and open an online BBQ superstore after much research revealed how difficult it was to find good quality, australian made BBQs. At allBBQs.com.au we specialise in Australian made BBQs, wood fired pizza ovens and outdoor kitchens. We strive wherever possible to provide high quality Australian made products.

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