Christmas Presents for Him & Her

Buying Christmas presents for anyone can be a difficult task, but who is harder to buy for: him or her? Well, it depends who you ask. If you ask him, it’s definitely her. And if you ask her, it’s certainly him.

Women seem to be able to come up with 25 different ideas for their girlfriends or sisters, while men seem unable to think beyond gift packs from the Body Shop. When shopping for their mates, men always find a winning present (usually from the bottle-o), while women are stuck on aftershave (or maybe they’re just sending a hint to their man about his smell).

So I’m here to help out both sexes with some great gift ideas for him AND her that you may not have thought of.

Presents For HIM

Napoleon Charcoal Kettle BBQ

Napoleon Charcoal Kettle BBQ NK22CK-L

For the man who takes pride in his barbecuing, loves that smoky barbecued flavor and doesn’t mind spending a bit longer cooking to get it just right.

This charcoal kettle BBQ has all the features of the better-known charcoal barbies without the big price tag. Nice and compact, it’ll fit in almost any blokes backyard or on his balcony and will feed the entire family this Christmas.

5-Piece Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set

Man Law 5 Piece BBQ Tool Set Bonus Steak GaugesHave you ever met a man who doesn’t get excited about a tool set? Well here’s one that he’ll actually use (as opposed to sticking in the shed waiting for the day when he finally starts that DIY project he’s been talking about for the last six years).

This robust, 5-piece BBQ tool set contains everything he’ll ever need. Each piece has long handles to prevent burnt forearm hairs and is made from stainless steel to ensure it’ll last for years to come.

Plus, it comes with four bonus steak gauges to ensure everyone’s steak is cooked to perfection this Christmas.

Digital BBQ Tongs

Digital BBQ Tongs

What does every man love more than a smart, functional tool? A smart, multi-functional tool! How else do you explain the fact that every man on the planet owns a Swiss army knife or Leatherman even though they will never use it for anything other than the knife?

These tongs are the ultimate multi-functional BBQ tool. While they will pick up and flip your food like any standard set of tongs, they also have a built-in meat thermometer. A probe on the end of the tongs pierces the food and the internal temperature is displayed on the handle, ensuring perfectly cooked meat every time. Genius!

Presents For Her

Sizzler Deluxe 2 BBQ

Sizzler Deluxe 2 BBQ

When it comes to buying a BBQ for your girl, you want something elegant and alluring, but robust…just like her.

The Sizzler Deluxe 2 is just the thing. This powerful little pocket rocket is small enough to use just about anywhere and versatile enough to cook just about anything – from grilled steaks to roast chooks.

Its stainless steel body and burners will resist rust for years while the lid’s viewing window makes cooking to perfection just that little but easier.

BBQ Grill/Wok Vegetable Basket

Man Law Grill/Wok Vegetable Basket

Where men look at a barbie and just see a meat machine, women see an entire kitchen capable of cooking almost anything. This wok and veggie basket will help her do just that.

Made of heavy-duty stainless steel, the basket is covered in holes to allow that smokey barbecue flavour to infuse whatever delicious foods she decides to throw into it.

Husky Bar Fridge

Husky Single Door Bar Fridge

While a bar fridge is a typical boy’s toy, they are also for the woman who loves outdoor cooking and entertaining.

This single-door Husky is perfect for having all the meat and veggies she’ll need close at hand, so that she won’t have to keep leaving the party for supplies.

Oh yeah, it’ll also store a very ample supply of wine and beer.



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