BBQs in Small Spaces Part III: Buying a BBQ For Your Camper

Welcome to the final part of my series on BBQs in small spaces. So far, we’ve looked at BBQs for your apartment and your boat. Today we’re cooking up in the great outdoors and looking at BBQs for your camper, caravan or even just your favourite picnic spot.

Napoleon TravelQ 285X BBQ

Along with hiking, frisbee and lounging about in fold up chairs for hours on end, cooking is one of the quiet pleasures of camping. There’s something about tents and the open air that makes cooking no longer feel like a chore. There’s also something about it that makes the food particularly tasty…if you have the right equipment.

Things To Consider

Your main considerations when choosing a camping barbie are size, portability and durability. You need something big enough to feed your campers, small enough to be easily transported, and robust enough to do it summer after summer.

Another consideration is your fuel source since that too will dictate how much weight and bulk you need to carry. Obviously a gas barbie means you need to carry a gas bottle and ensure it is full enough for each trip.

Charcoal kettle BBQs, on the other hand, are usually lighter, but they are a little more time consuming and you need to ensure you have sufficient charcoal.

Finally, you should consider the environmental elements. You are likely to be cooking in open areas that are exposed to the wind, sand and dirt, and depending on whether you’ll be camping coastally, salt.

BBQ Options

Gas BBQs: Anything small, but powerful and robust. Look for two burners with a hood that, when closed, will protect your food from the wind. Some hoods even have a viewing window so you can check how your food is doing without exposing it.

Napoleon TravelQ 285X Portable BBQ

In terms of portability, you may want to go with a trolley that can be easily wheeled from spot to spot. Or you may find that a sturdy stand will be sufficient.

A stainless steel frame and burners are also a good option for ease of cleaning and increased durability.

Napoleon NK22CK-L Charcoal BBQ

Charcoal BBQs: There’s something about the smell of burning charcoal across a campsite that invokes the true camping spirit. Smaller charcoal BBQs are also fairly lightweight and therefore very portable, although many do come with wheeled trolleys to make things just that little bit easier. Look for one that will easily fit in the boot of your car and has a lid to protect it from the elements.

Well, that’s all for my series on BBQs in small spaces. Hopefully you’ve seen that whether it’s your inner-city apartment, weekend fishing boat, or two-man tent, no space is too small for a big barbie.

What do you think? What type of BBQ do you use when camping? Has this series encouraged you to find a barbie for your small space? Please leave your comments below.

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