BBQs in Small Spaces Part II: Buying a BBQ For Your Boat

Welcome to the 2nd part of my series on BBQs in Small Spaces. This week, we’re setting sail and looking at buying a barbie for your boat.

Boating is one of those much-loved outdoor activities that have so many amazing elements – hot sunshine, refreshingly cool water, relaxing deck chairs, beautiful natural scenery. It’s hard to imagine making it much better…until you throw the smell of freshly barbecued food into the mix.

After all, boating is hungry work and who wants soggy sambos again?

Things To Consider

Boats are constantly moving and highly corrosive environments. As such, there are a few things to consider when buying a BBQ for them. The first is size. Now I’m going to go ahead and assume that your vessel is more like a fishing dinghy than a James Packer super yacht. This means that space is likely a very precious commodity. Sure, you need to cook your snags and freshly caught fish, but you also need space to drop anchor, hoist sails and save your drunken mates when they inevitably fall overboard.

Galleymate 316 Grade Stainless Steel BBQ

So consider how much space you can actually spare for a barbie. Remember that’s it’s no good having a 6-burner BBQ for a party of 10 if your dinghy only holds you and your dog Harry on your weekly fishing adventures. Also remember that you can always stow your barbie and only pull it out when you’re ready to cook up.

The most important consideration is your barbie’s ability to resist corrosion. Salt water will eat through most standard BBQs before you can catch and cook your first flathead, which is why you need stainless steel. And not just any stainless steel – special 316 marine grade stainless steel. Sure, you’ll be dishing out a few more dollars, but at least you won’t be dishing them out season after season to replace one rust bucket after the next.

Another element to consider is the wind. It can get blowy out there on the water and without adequate protection, it’ll rip right through your BBQ and make for some very slow, low temperature cooking. Special outdoor and marine BBQs are built with bodies and hoods that are shaped to block the wind.

The final consideration is how to stop your barbie from travelling from port to starboard and back again (or worse, over the edge and into the drink) as your boat tips and rocks. There are several ways of fixing your BBQ to your boat, including rail mounts and deck mounts. It just depends what suits you and your boat best.

BBQ Options

Galleymate 6500 Gas BBQUnless you really do have a Packer super yacht that will fit a stainless steel monster like this, then your best bet is a pocket rocket – a BBQ that is robust enough to deal with getting thrown about the boat, powerful enough to overcome the strong winds on the water, and compact enough to fit on deck or stowed away.



Galleymate BBQ on boat rail mountsThe 2-burner Galleymate BBQs fit these criteria perfectly and can be easily fitted to the deck or railings of your boat using various mounts. They are all constructed of high-quality stainless steel (including the burners), and have a wind-protecting hood with a viewing window, so you can see how your food is doing without exposing it to the elements.




Marine grade 316 stainless steel gas bottlesThe only other thing you’ll need is a stainless steel gas bottle and you’re on your way to many years of fresh, hot lunches on the water, which sounds a hell of a lot better than soggy sambos.


What do you think? What type of BBQ do you use for your boat? Join me next time for Part 3 of my series on BBQs in Small Spaces when we’ll look at buying a BBQ for your camper!



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