Barbecuing Apparel: What To Wear When Grilling Up A Storm

One of the most overlooked aspects of barbecuing is what to wear. “Who bloody cares?” you might be thinking, but this is important stuff. Barbecuing can be hard and dirty work, so you need good work clothes. But barbecuing can also mean party time, so you need party clothes. How do you combine the two?


This is the most critical article of barbecuing apparel. And for the blokes, don’t believe what you’ve heard: it’s ok to be male and wear an apron. In fact, it’s essential.

The humble apron’s benefits are obvious: it spares your clothes from grease splatters and sauce drips, so that when your job on the barbie is done, you can join the party without looking like you’ve just done a 12-hour shift at Maccas.

Plus, there are an endless amount of aprons containing hilarious one-liners that will make you the life of party. Several recommendations include: “Don’t go bacon my heart”, “Grill God” and “I like pig butts and I cannot lie”.

Utility Belt

Every slick BBQ chef needs a utility belt from which they can pull out their tool of choice at a moments notice. Whether it is the tongs, spatula, scraper, meat thermometer, skewer or tea towel, it pays to have them all close at hand.

Every BBQ chef needs premium BBQ tools.

Don’t be afraid to pretend you’re a superhero or in the Wild West when you unleash your tools either.

Wide Brim Hat

It’s bad enough having the heat from the barbie melting you on a hot day, but you’ve also got the sun to contend with. There’s not much you can do about the barbie, so anything that will reduce the heat from the sun is very welcome.

A wide brim hat will work wonders in keeping you cool. And it’ll take care of nasty things like sunburn and skin cancer.


Jeans are like a heavy-duty apron for your legs that you never have to wash. You can wipe grease on them, lay on the grass in them and score a backyard cricket half-century while wearing them and they’ll still look like new.


Even if the sun’s not shining, sunnies are essential. They’ll keep the smoke out of your eyes and hide your looks of disgust when all of the backseat chefs start piping up about how overcooked the steaks are.

Stubby Holder

Ok, so it’s not exactly apparel, but every BBQ chef needs a stubby holder. Get one that clips to your utility belt!

Closed Shoes

I know that the only thing as Aussie as barbecuing are thongs, and therefore, the Aussiest thing you can do is barbecue while wearing thongs. And that’s fine…if you don’t mind the tops of your feet being burnt by flying bits of piping hot grease every now and then.

If you do mind, go for a light pair of closed shoes that will allow you to dance from barbie to kitchen to cricket pitch and protect your feet at the same time.

What do you think? What’s your favourite article of barbecuing apparel? Leave your comments below.

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