Australia’s TOP 5 Favourite Activities Around the BBQ

An icon of Australian culture, it is fairly obvious that the BBQ is far more than just a means of cooking our steaks and snags. It is the centrepiece of our outdoor congregations – it brings us together as family and friends, and closer to the great outdoors. But what else are we doing around the barbie?

Here are 5 of Australia’s favourite BBQ-related activities:

Backyard Cricket

8169679_edited-200px high Whether during the times of Bradman & O’Reilly or Lillee & Thommo or Waugh & Warne, young kids have always emulated the greats in the backyard by the barbie. There’s nothing better than clean-bowling your brother, having Dad serve you a sausage sanga at square leg, and then smashing some straight drives into the back fence with the taste of tomato sauce still on your tongue.



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For some people, BBQs are a time to relax; not a time to toss a ball, catch a ball, or even stand up. They’re a time to throw down a picnic rug and do little more than soak up the sunshine and scenery, while drinking cold drinks out of the esky and eating food hot off the barbie.



Pool Party 

pool-party-barbeque1_edited-200px high

The sounds of the splashes and the sizzling hot plate; the smells of the pool water and BBQ smoke; the feeling of tucking into hot food after a cool swim… if there’s one country that has flagrantly and repeatedly ignored a rule with potentially life-threatening consequences, it’s Australia with “Don’t swim for one hour after eating”. We love both of these things so much that they’re just too hard to separate.


Final_Bocce_7_6228385_edited-200px high

Once reserved for old European men wearing sweater vests and shirts tucked into their shorts, bocce is fast becoming one of Australia’s favourite outdoor activities. Similar to lawn bowls, its biggest appeal is that it can be played anywhere, takes little more exertion than a slow walk, and only requires one hand, leaving the other available for a drink or a steak sambo.


Indulging in a little (or a lot) of alcohol 

bbq-wine-pair-400x400_edited-200px high

While it’s true that Australians have made drinking a good wine or beer an activity that will go with absolutely anything, it goes particularly well with BBQs.




What do you think? What is your favourite BBQ-related activity? Leave your comments below.


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