Australia Day Cook Off: Part 2

By now you should have decided that you’re going to partake in the inaugural Australia Day Cook Off and told everyone you know about it. So now it’s time to learn the rules of the game.


What You’ll Need 

  • Competitors: These shouldn’t be too hard to find. Start by goading your family and friends with outrageous statements like, “I could barbecue better than you using a piece of sheet metal on a hot day” or, “You barbecue like a vegetarian.” In no time at all, you should have a hoard of competitors dying for the chance to take you down a peg.


  • Judges: These should be even easier to find! Simply promise three ‘impartial’ people the opportunity to eat as much good barbecued food as they want. If you really want to win, offer to throw in a case of beer as well.


  • BBQ/s: This is where things can get complicated. Just like cricketers with their bats, some Barbecuers are very particular with regards to the equipment they use. If this is the case, all competitors need to come to an agreement as to whether everyone uses the same barbie, or if each person will BYOB (Bring Your Own Barbie).



Just like any major competition – the FIFA World Cup, Wimbeldon, the PGA Championship – the Australia Day Cook Off can not be won in a single game, match, round, or in this case, dish.

The Champion can only prevail after a series of grueling events that will push them, their tongs and their gas supply to the limit.

Straight out of the Masterchef playbook, the events* are as follows:

  • Mystery Box: The competitors are given a box, each containing the same ingredients with which they need to create a barbecued dish.
  • Stick to the Recipe: The judges challenge each competitor to barbecue a set recipe of their choosing.
  • Bread & Butter: Each competitor barbecues the dish that they consider to be their bread and butter, or their signature dish.

At the end of each event, the judges rate each dish out of 10 based on taste and any bribes they have been offered by the competitors. The competitor with the highest number of points at the end of the day is this year’s Australia Day Cook Off Champion. Good luck!

Get Yourself in Print and Win a Pair of Digital BBQ Tongs!

Send us your favourite BBQ recipe from Australia Day 2014 with an image of the food. The winner will receive a pair of stainless steel Digital BBQ tongs with built in thermometer probe. We’ll publish the best recipes and credit you as the author on our blog and/or website.

Digital Tongs - Kangaroo 71 well done-low_600px

* Events may be altered or livened up with drinking games, hula hooping competitions or charades, as you see fit.

What do you think? Are you going to get involved in the inaugural Australia Day Cook Off? Can you think of any more exciting Cook Off events? Please leave your comments below.

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