Australia Day Cook Off: Part 1

Picture this: it’s late January, another festive season has come and gone (though where it actually went is anyone’s guess) and you’ve been back at work for a week or two, so naturally you’re ready for another holiday. Thank God the First Fleet decided to roll in on the 26th of January.

They must have known the pain of starting back at work in the New Year. Or maybe they were just sick of being on a boat and got off as soon as they could. Whatever the case, it proved to be perfect timing for a public holiday. It’s the middle of summer, the craving for beer and wine is strong, the cricket is still on the Tele, and everyone has the day off. The conditions for a barbie couldn’t be better.

So this Australia Day, since you and your mates, neighbours, brother-in-law, girlfriend, and just about everyone else you know, are all going to be doing the same thing (i.e. having a barbie), why not instill a bit of healthy competition to liven things up a little? Why not have an Australia Day BBQ Cook Off?


I mean, every time you barbecue with others it’s secretly a competition anyway. Your uncle looks over your shoulder at the steaks and thinks, ‘He’s overcooked them again. I could’ve done better’. Your mother-in-law looks at your shish kebabs and thinks, ‘She cut the chicken too big. I could’ve done better’. Even your son looks at your well-cooked burgers and thinks, ‘Dad always blackens the burgers. Harry’s Dad could’ve done better’.

So why not make it official? Why not ask them to put their money where their mouth is?

The only way to do that is to challenge them to a cook off. And the best time for a cook off is this Australia Day.

Tune in next week for the rules and how tos of this years Australia Day Cook Off, including how to win!

Marian O'Neill

Marian O'Neill

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