Zen & the Art of Barbecuing: How to turn barbecuing into a relaxing experience

Barbecuing is not only a way of cooking, it’s a good way to relax – just like meditation, only instead of a yoga mat you have a barbie; and instead of enlightenment, you end up with a hot steak!

Relaxing BBQ

It shouldn’t feel like a chore and you’ll notice that those who are the best at it are also the most relaxed. Here are 4 simple tips for making your BBQ sessions feel more like a swing in a hammock than a job:

  1. Remember: you’re not saving lives; you’re cooking a barbie. Don’t stress out about charring the snags too much. There will always be the chance for redemption.
  2. Make sure everything you need is at the barbie BEFORE you get cooking. Avoid running into the house every 5 minutes for condiment after condiment. Get it all and stay put.
  3. DON’T multi-task. With an app to do this and an app to do that, all we ever hear these days is how easy it is to do everything at once. Well, no app is going to help you cook the rissoles and make a salad any faster, so just relax and do one at a time.
  4. Pull up a chair. There’s no need to stand over the barbie – salivating like a dog waiting for a bone to be dropped. Take a load off and enjoy the smell of barbecued food in the great outdoors.

What do you think? How do you like to relax while barbecuing? Leave yours comments below.

Marian O'Neill

Marian O'Neill

Managing Director at allBBQs.com.au
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