A Guide to Good Backseat Barbecuing Etiquette

I’ve spoken before about how to deal with backseat barbecuers – you know, those annoying buggers that persist in offering unwanted advice when you’re cooking up. Well the complaints about backseat barbecuers continue to flood in, so I thought that it’s time to address the problem head on.

Friends at a BBQ

If you’re invited to a BBQ, follow these guidelines to make sure it’s not the last invitation you ever receive:

1.      Shut up about the barbecuing & follow orders

Don’t talk about the seasoning on the chicken. Don’t talk about the cooking times for the steaks. Don’t talk about BBQ temperature. Talk about the weather, the footy and the latest thing about your partner that’s getting on your nerves. And never – NEVER – take control of another’s barbecuer’s utensils.

Also, if the barbecuer needs some steak sauce, a fresh cold one, or for you to run down to the servo to get a bag of ice, do it. The barbecuer is the captain of this ship and you are their first mate.

2.      There is no number 2

Love to hear your thoughts on good BBQ Etiquette! How have you dealt with these painful pests?

Marian O'Neill

Marian O'Neill

Managing Director at allBBQs.com.au
My name is Marian O’Neill and I am the owner of All BBQs. My working life commenced as a primary school teacher, however the majority of my career has been in business with my husband. I love BBQ cooking and decided to follow my interest and open an online BBQ superstore after much research revealed how difficult it was to find good quality, australian made BBQs. At allBBQs.com.au we specialise in Australian made BBQs, wood fired pizza ovens and outdoor kitchens. We strive wherever possible to provide high quality Australian made products.

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