6 Reasons Why Your Next BBQ Should Be A Charcoal Barbie

This month only, All BBQs is offering FREE Home Delivery* on selected charcoal BBQs.

This is a great deal that offers significant savings, but it’s not reason enough to buy a charcoal BBQ, is it? I mean, you’ve had gas barbies your whole life, your neighbours have gas barbies, your family have gas barbies. In fact, about 90% of barbies in Australia are gas. So why would you want charcoal?

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You’re right; saving a bunch of money on delivery alone is not reason enough to switch to charcoal, but there are plenty more reasons as to why your next BBQ should be a charcoal barbie:

1.      Taste

First and foremost, charcoal barbies tastes better. Science has proved it again and again through blind studies, which show that people prefer the meat from charcoal BBQs, particularly when it’s fresh, non-processed meat, such as steaks (as opposed to say, hamburgers). This is because when it comes to a BBQ’s influence on taste, the biggest factor is smoke. Different fuels produce different types of smoke, which are then infused into the food.

The fact is that LPG burns clean and produces very little smoke on its own. Therefore, gas BBQs rely on fat and grease dripping from the meat onto the burners (or flame tamers or sear plates) to generate smoke, although many would argue that it is rather low quality and tasteless.

If you’ve ever cooked on a campfire, you’ll know that when burnt, hardwoods produce a large amount of thick, aromatic smoke that takes your steaks to another level. For cooking purposes, however, wood fires are difficult to control and slow to burn.

This is where charcoal slots into that perfect middle ground between gas and wood. It is practical, but also produces its own natural, tasty smoke. This can be enhanced even further with a few woodchips easily thrown into the mix.

2.      Easier To Clean & Maintain

A popular misconception is that compared to gas, charcoal barbies are a pain in the butt to clean and maintain. This simply isn’t true. In fact, I would argue that charcoal BBQs are actually easier to take care of.

To properly maintain a gas BBQ, you need to periodically clean its burners and other nooks and crannies into which food, fat and grease have fallen. This is tedious work and as a result is often neglected.

Cleaning charcoal barbies, on the other hand, involves tossing the ash, giving it a wipe over and scraping the grill. Simple!

3.      Easy To Control

 Another misconception is that it is difficult to control the heat of charcoal BBQs, as they don’t have the handy temperature knobs that gas BBQs have. This was once true. However, modern charcoal barbies, such as those in the ProQ and Napoleon range, are designed with a system of vents and height-adjustable grills that make heat control very simple.

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 4.      They’re Cheaper!

Despite modern advances, charcoal barbies are still fairly simple machines. At their core, they are a bowl to burn charcoal in the bottom and cook food over the top. As such, they’re significantly cheaper than gas barbecues, which contain burners, connections, ignition switches and other expensive bits and bobs.

5.      Durability

While any type of quality BBQ that is properly maintained should last plenty of cook ups, the simplicity of charcoal barbies means that there is very little that can actually go wrong. It’s no coincidence that people are still using their old charcoal kettle barbies from 20 years ago, while many gas BBQs you see from the same period are rust buckets on the kerb awaiting council clean-up day.

6.      Charcoal Offers Something Different

The vast majority of Australian meals are cooked using gas, whether it is on the stovetop or in the oven. Charcoal offers something different. I mean, what’s the point of cooking your steaks on the barbie, if they’re going to taste exactly the same as in the fry pan? Charcoal makes it easy to change things up and get some exciting new flavours into old recipes.

There you have it: a whole bunch of reasons to make your next BBQ a charcoal barbie. FREE HOME DELIVERY* is just another reason to add to the list!

But get in quick; this offer is only on until January 31st!

*Excludes some remote and regional areas.

Marian O'Neill

Marian O'Neill

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