5 Reasons to Have A Bar Fridge In Your Home

I know how you feel: it’s the festive summer season and once again, beside all the partying and drinking, it feels like you’ve spent the entire time rearranging the bloody fridge. In between the wine, fruit platters, cold meats and other summer party foods, there’s barely enough space for the beer…and that is completely unacceptable.

So how can you increase your fridge space in a way that’s cheap and convenient?

Buy a bar fridge!

Husky Single Door Bar Fridge

Here are five of the many benefits of having a bar fridge in your home:

1.      Compact Size

This may sound obvious, but bar fridges are small. They can be squeezed under counter tops, shoved into corners or put in any number of other out-of-the-way places.

2.      Adds Much-Needed Fridge Space

A bar fridge is perfect for adding those extra couple of shelves that you need for social occasions or when you want somewhere to keep your own private stash of food and booze.

3.      Can’t Have An Outdoor Kitchen Without One

You can have a barbie, cabinets and all the utensils you want, but without an outdoor fridge to keep your meat, condiments and drinks, your outdoor kitchen will never be complete. This means you’ll constantly be running back and forth to borrow from your indoor kitchen, which is no fun.

4.      Easily Moveable

Whether you’re having a barbie in the backyard or watching footy on the couch, you can ensure a beer is close at hand. No matter what the occasion, it is easy to move a bar fridge to wherever the party is.

5.      Inexpensive

Compared to the cost of full-sized fridges, bar fridges are relatively inexpensive – both to buy and to run. However, it is worth spending a little bit more on one with a few handy features, such as temperature control, clear glass doors and good energy efficiency.

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What do you think? Where do you like to keep your bar fridge and what do you use it for? Leave your comments below.

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