10 Best Gifts for Father’s Day

Dads are great! Besides protecting you and providing for you as a kid, they keep life fun and adventurous.

Dad was always up for a trip to the game, camping, or horseback riding.  Dad could teach you how to ride that bike and he’d make funny faces while you struggled with piano lessons. Dad would let you wear his hat and help him in the shop. He had a way of making light of all life’s difficulties.

Now that Father’s Day is coming, what can you do for the dad who threw you on his shoulders, let you cry on them, bought you your first bike, and chucked you into the pool?

Gift Idea #10 – Clean Water for Life

Doulton Ceramic Benchtop Water Filter

Savings – that’s what dads (and mums) are all about! One thing that turns this gentle gift into a thriller is the idea of the cash saved by not having to buy bottled water at the store! Check out the Doulton Ultracarb 10″ Single Stage Ceramic Benchtop Water Filter.

Besides, he’ll feel secure knowing that this delicious water is completely free of bacteria, chlorine, and other impurities.


Gift Idea #9 – A Trampoline/Rebounder




He’ll jump for joy (quite literally) when he sees this gift of low-impact aerobic equipment. Let’s face it, none of our joints are getting any younger, but we still love to have fun, and that’s where a trampoline can come into “play.”

If your dad’s as competitive as mine was, you might soon find yourself in a contest!


Gift Idea #8 – A Backyard Party in His Honour with BBQ gifts

Since Dad loves to have a good time, throw him and his best mates a great party in your own backyard . He’ll be really moved that you made the effort and choose from these great, affordable BBQ-related gift ideas and don’t forget his music, bests cuts of meat and his favourite beer:

Digital BBQ Tongs

Digital BBQ Tongs

Man Law 3 piece BBQ Tool set with non slip handles

Man Law 3 piece Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set with Non Slip Handles

Man Law Giant Grill Brush

Man Law Giant Grill Brush

Gift Idea #7 – Labor-free DIY Home Improvement for the Bathroom

Ecosoft Hard Water Shower Conditioner

Dad will love this idea, because the Ecosoft Hard Water Shower Conditioner  will make him look like a DIY genius — after this is installed, there won’t be any more hard water deposits accumulating. This is something Mum will appreciate, too, because all the chlorine will be filtered out of the water, making showers a lot more pleasant.

Gift Idea #6 – A Trip to the Races

Car RacesWhat man doesn’t love fast cars? Why not take the whole family out to the track to enjoy the races and treat him to some peanuts and beer?  Afterward, you can take him to a restaurant or home to barbecue a delicious meal.

Gift Idea #5 – More Storage

Every Dad loves a Man Cave, a space to call his own. Dad always loves increasing the size of his Man Cave and caring for his tools, so consider the easiest way to add on – with a complete shed kit!
Cheap Sheds  Gable Roof 2.1m x 2.1m Single Door Colour shed

The Cheap Sheds Gable Roof 2.1m x 2.1m Single Door Colour shed comes with a handy, complimentary skylight sheet that will light up his life. No more bungling around in the dark for dad! Natural lighting will make his life a lot easier (and happens  to be on sale for Father’s Day.)



Shelt Pro 4x3 Garden shed

Another favourite, the Shelter Pro 4×3 Garden Shed 1185mm x 961mm x 1897mm with Floor and Window, is perfect for storing all those backyard tools that are always in the way. It’s on sale until Father’s Day, too.

You’ll find lots more ideas in Cheap Sheds’ free download “Backyard Dreams Brought to Life”



Gift Idea #4 – A Trip to the Zoo

Trip to the Zoo

Considering he loves nothing more than hanging out with kids and grandkids, a trip to the zoo might be just what Dr. Doolittle ordered.

Make sure and pack a delicious lunch, eat at the Zoo, or take Dad out to a great restaurant to top off the day.




Gift Idea #3 – A Book Every Dad can Use

Two favorites from BBQ guru, writer and TV host Steven Raichlen for you to choose from!  Either one would make a sizzlin’ gift for dad!

Steve Raichlen - Barbecue Bible Book Barbecue Sauces_edited-250px aide

The Barbecue! Bible, 10th Anniversary Edition and Barbecue Bible Sauces, Rubs and Marinades, Bastes, Butters and Glazes 

Gift Idea #2 – Marinades and Chef’s Attire

As a special gift, handpick some marinades and seasonings from all over the world or just some particularly good ones that you know he’d love. Make the gift special by cooking dinner for him and present him with a beautiful gift box of 6 or more various secret sauces.

Swap some barbecuing or cooking stories and top it off with the added gift of a fresh, new chef’s hat, apron, and oven mitts. He’ll be dressed in style for your next outdoor cookout.

Gift Idea #1 – A Camping Trip with a Napoleon TravelQ Portable BBQ!

This is the camping trip Dad will remember for the rest of his life, because he’ll get to spend it with you, AND get a brand-new, award-winning, portable BBQ of his dreams.

Napoleon TravelQ PRO285 BBQ

Don’t tell Dad about this part, though: For this special occasion, you’re going to get a gift too. Buy any of these Napoleon Portable BBQs and you’ll receive a 5-piece quality stainless steel tool set and BBQ cover! Now when you present your gift, Dad’s going to think you’re being extra generous!


Hope You’ve Enjoyed these Father’s Day Ideas

No matter what you do on Father’s Day, you know your Dad’s going to appreciate it. After all, he helped bring you into this world, and did whatever he could to protect you and raise you to be a person he’d be proud of.

Father’s Day can be a time to reflect on all the good aspects of your Dad and family. Celebrate with all your heart and make it a day to remember.


Marian O'Neill

Marian O'Neill

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