Do you always get a feeling that you forgot to pack something for your BBQ camping trip? Ever had to turn around for your esky? I’m sure it has happened at least once to all of us. Use All BBQs’ handy checklist when packing for your next trip to make sure you have everything need for a good time outdoors!

BBQ Camping Food and Tools Essentials For Your Next Outdoor Adventure


Christmas Day is almost here and you haven’t got a gift for good ‘ol Dad yet? Don’t worry, we got your back! Here are 10 gifts that would make any Dad’s Christmas a special one.

1.  Stanley Lunch Box

Rugged and ready to go! Dad will love this classic steel beauty so much he’ll be thinking of you everyday at lunchtime.

Stanley Lunch Box


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Don't be caught with a BBQ that falls apart in no time.

When we think about buying a BBQ, the first things to come to mind are price and brand. But there’s an important issue which is often ignored, one that can ruin your investment and tarnish your enjoyment of Barbecuing permanently.

Before we get to that, price is important because you’ll have a budget and you need to stick to it. Yet, price is never a reliable indicator of quality.

Don't be caught with a BBQ that falls apart in no time.

Image Credit: Temari 09

All a high price means is, the seller knows how to charge a high price for their BBQ. And if you buy it for that high price, it means you are happy to pay that high price.

At the other end of the spectrum, lower priced BBQs don’t necessarily mean low quality either. [Read More...]


Top 25 BBQ Chicken Recipes

Everybody loves chicken! You can cook it in countless ways. All BBQs has gathered together these Top 25 Chicken BBQ Recipes from around the web. Dive in and find out the best one you can serve on your next BBQ.

1. Grilled Hot, Sweet and Sticky Chicken Wings

Grilled Hot, Sweet and Sticky Chicken Wings

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There is a new “cooking system” that’s shaking up the barbecuing world and getting  BBQ aficionados talking: infrared cooking. That’s right; the same type of heat that the sun generates (…and your toaster) is now cooking your steaks and snags.

Napoleon Infrared Burner

Let’s step back for a second…

As you probably remember from various blog posts, cooking heat is typically generated by:

  • Conduction: Direct transfer of heat from the source to your food, like with a  standard BBQ grill;
  • Convection: Indirect transfer of heat via the air or water around the food, as in an oven or boiling potatoes.

Infrared, or radiant heat, on the other hand, is a form of electromagnetic energy, such as  that created by a microwave or heating element. When it comes to barbecues, this usually takes the form of a gas burner beneath ceramic tiles (referred to as a ceramic infrared burner or ceramic burner on BBQs) or steel plates in a set up that allows little to no airflow.

The result is a barbie that is much hotter, more persistent and heats up faster than a normal gas or charcoal BBQ.

So is infrared the future of barbecuing?

Proponents of infrared claim that the extreme temperatures of over 400°C work to sear the meat exceptionally fast and lock in their juices, thus not allowing them to dry out. Detractors, however, argue that searing does not lock in juices; it just caramelizes and browns the meat’s surface. (Personally that delicious dark brown crust is what I’m after).

The fact that no one can argue with, however, is that infrared cooks remarkably fast.

The problem is that it can be too powerful. Fish, vegetables and other foods may be unable to stand up to the extreme temperatures.

It is for this reason, and the fact that they are not cheap, that infrared barbies are specialist pieces of equipment that are unlikely to change the face of barbecuing any time soon.

However, manufacturers, such as Napoleon BBQs, are beginning to recognise their benefits and appeal to the average home BBQ chef, and have begun incorporating dedicated infrared burners into traditional BBQs. This way, you can sear your steaks using infrared and then finish them off by cooking them all the way through using conduction.

Napoleon Infrared Burner Close Up

And this is where infrared is likely to change the way we cook: by using them in conjunction with traditional, lower temperature burners rather than instead of them.

See this type of BBQ in action with our range of Napoleon gas BBQs which have a combination of both traditional burners and ceramic infrared burners.

What do you think? Have you used an infrared burner? Would you consider buying a BBQ with an infrared burner? Please leave your comments below.


Who doesn’t love a wedding? The decorations, the food, the booze, the family, the friends, the smart outfits – and all for only $36,000…wait, what? I mean, they’re fun, but $36,000?!

That’s the whopping cost of the average Aussie wedding these days with many costing far more. That’s money that you might rather be spending on a new car, a loooong holiday, or your kids’ education. But you still want to have the wedding of your dreams, right?

Well how about a backyard BBQ wedding? At a fraction of the cost, you’ll get everything you get with a traditional venue wedding, PLUS a personal celebration that has a level of intimacy and romance that’s difficult to replicate at a function centre.

3543700367_fd32aaabb0_edited-350px high

Photo credit: PrincessAshley

Follow these tips to get you started on organising the backyard wedding of your dreams:

1. Keep it simple

Take another look at the above list of the things people love about weddings. It’s pretty short and simple isn’t it? The point is that people, including your wedding guests, are fairly easy to please; feed them well, make sure they have plenty to drink and they ought to be happy. So keep your organisation just as simple. Start with the things that matter and then work your way down to the fondue fountain and customised place settings.

2. Use your own backyard if possible

Getting married in the place in which you and your partner will be kicking off your lives together is a great way to truly personalise your wedding. Plus, you’ll forever get that warm, fuzzy, wedding feeling every time you go into your backyard!

Backyard wedding

Photo credit: PrincessAshley

3. Utilise the natural scenery

Most backyards come equipped with ready-to-use decorations in the form of trees, plants and flowers, so be sure to use them. You can do simple things to emphasise these features by hanging streamers from branches or placing tea lights among the bushes. You can also create your centrepieces using items “borrowed” from your backyard – you’ll be amazed how good a jar of sticks can look in the right context.

4. The food – simple and classic

Backyard wedding

Photo credit: PrincessAshley

The all-important catering conundrum. Once again, keep it simple…and since this is a BBQ blog, keep it barbecued. Whether the cooking is done in-house or through a catering company; whether you go with a self-serve buffet or table service, it doesn’t matter. Just keep the menu simple and classic, so that there’s something there for everyone. You can’t go wrong with meat, fish and veggie options.

What do you think? Have you been to or hosted a backyard wedding? Got any great ideas? Leave your comments below.


A Snake Ate My Tongs!

We’ve all misplaced the BBQ tongs at some point or another; usually just as the steaks need flipping.

Well, you won‘t believe where one Adelaide man’s tongs ended up a while ago: in the belly of his pet python! Well, I guess it’s not entirely surprising since he was using them to feed the snake a dead rat!

Python swallowed tongs

Photo credit: Adelaide University

The man rushed his beloved python to veterinarian Dr. Oliver Funnell at Adelaide University who was able to successfully remove the tongs. “We were able to remove them quite easily once we got the big end out,” he said.

X-ray python swallowed tongs

Photo credit: Adelaide University

Amazingly, the little fella is expected to make a full recovery.


Dads are great! Besides protecting you and providing for you as a kid, they keep life fun and adventurous.

Dad was always up for a trip to the game, camping, or horseback riding.  Dad could teach you how to ride that bike and he’d make funny faces while you struggled with piano lessons. Dad would let you wear his hat and help him in the shop. He had a way of making light of all life’s difficulties.

Now that Father’s Day is coming, what can you do for the dad who threw you on his shoulders, let you cry on them, bought you your first bike, and chucked you into the pool?

Gift Idea #10 – Clean Water for Life

Doulton Ceramic Benchtop Water Filter

Savings – that’s what dads (and mums) are all about! One thing that turns this gentle gift into a thriller is the idea of the cash saved by not having to buy bottled water at the store! Check out the Doulton Ultracarb 10″ Single Stage Ceramic Benchtop Water Filter.

Besides, he’ll feel secure knowing that this delicious water is completely free of bacteria, chlorine, and other impurities.


Gift Idea #9 – A Trampoline/Rebounder



He’ll jump for joy (quite literally) when he sees this gift of low-impact aerobic equipment. Let’s face it, none of our joints are getting any younger, but we still love to have fun, and that’s where a trampoline can come into “play.”

If your dad’s as competitive as mine was, you might soon find yourself in a contest!


Gift Idea #8 – A Backyard Party in His Honour with BBQ gifts

Since Dad loves to have a good time, throw him and his best mates a great party in your own backyard . He’ll be really moved that you made the effort and choose from these great, affordable BBQ-related gift ideas and don’t forget his music, bests cuts of meat and his favourite beer:

Digital BBQ Tongs

Digital BBQ Tongs

Man Law 3 piece BBQ Tool set with non slip handles

Man Law 3 piece Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set with Non Slip Handles

Man Law Giant Grill Brush

Man Law Giant Grill Brush

Gift Idea #7 – Labor-free DIY Home Improvement for the Bathroom

Ecosoft Hard Water Shower Conditioner

Dad will love this idea, because the Ecosoft Hard Water Shower Conditioner  will make him look like a DIY genius — after this is installed, there won’t be any more hard water deposits accumulating. This is something Mum will appreciate, too, because all the chlorine will be filtered out of the water, making showers a lot more pleasant.

Gift Idea #6 – A Trip to the Races

Car RacesWhat man doesn’t love fast cars? Why not take the whole family out to the track to enjoy the races and treat him to some peanuts and beer?  Afterward, you can take him to a restaurant or home to barbecue a delicious meal.

Gift Idea #5 – More Storage

Every Dad loves a Man Cave, a space to call his own. Dad always loves increasing the size of his Man Cave and caring for his tools, so consider the easiest way to add on – with a complete shed kit!
Cheap Sheds  Gable Roof 2.1m x 2.1m Single Door Colour shed

The Cheap Sheds Gable Roof 2.1m x 2.1m Single Door Colour shed comes with a handy, complimentary skylight sheet that will light up his life. No more bungling around in the dark for dad! Natural lighting will make his life a lot easier (and happens  to be on sale for Father’s Day.)



Shelt Pro 4x3 Garden shed

Another favourite, the Shelter Pro 4×3 Garden Shed 1185mm x 961mm x 1897mm with Floor and Window, is perfect for storing all those backyard tools that are always in the way. It’s on sale until Father’s Day, too.

You’ll find lots more ideas in Cheap Sheds’ free download “Backyard Dreams Brought to Life”


Gift Idea #4 – A Trip to the Zoo

Trip to the Zoo

Considering he loves nothing more than hanging out with kids and grandkids, a trip to the zoo might be just what Dr. Doolittle ordered.

Make sure and pack a delicious lunch, eat at the Zoo, or take Dad out to a great restaurant to top off the day.




Gift Idea #3 – A Book Every Dad can Use

Two favorites from BBQ guru, writer and TV host Steven Raichlen for you to choose from!  Either one would make a sizzlin’ gift for dad!

Steve Raichlen - Barbecue Bible Book Barbecue Sauces_edited-250px aide

The Barbecue! Bible, 10th Anniversary Edition and Barbecue Bible Sauces, Rubs and Marinades, Bastes, Butters and Glazes 

Gift Idea #2 – Marinades and Chef’s Attire

As a special gift, handpick some marinades and seasonings from all over the world or just some particularly good ones that you know he’d love. Make the gift special by cooking dinner for him and present him with a beautiful gift box of 6 or more various secret sauces.

Swap some barbecuing or cooking stories and top it off with the added gift of a fresh, new chef’s hat, apron, and oven mitts. He’ll be dressed in style for your next outdoor cookout.

Gift Idea #1 – A Camping Trip with a Napoleon TravelQ Portable BBQ!

This is the camping trip Dad will remember for the rest of his life, because he’ll get to spend it with you, AND get a brand-new, award-winning, portable BBQ of his dreams.

Napoleon TravelQ PRO285 BBQ

Don’t tell Dad about this part, though: For this special occasion, you’re going to get a gift too. Buy any of these Napoleon Portable BBQs and you’ll receive a 5-piece quality stainless steel tool set and BBQ cover! Now when you present your gift, Dad’s going to think you’re being extra generous!


Hope You’ve Enjoyed these Father’s Day Ideas

No matter what you do on Father’s Day, you know your Dad’s going to appreciate it. After all, he helped bring you into this world, and did whatever he could to protect you and raise you to be a person he’d be proud of.

Father’s Day can be a time to reflect on all the good aspects of your Dad and family. Celebrate with all your heart and make it a day to remember.



Barbecued Fruits

Photo Credit:

Earlier, I promised you some refreshing and sweet barbecued fruit recipes to complement your meaty roasts. Now I’m sure you were at least a little sceptical when I used the words “barbecued” and “fruit” together, but the fact is that the two actually bring out the best in each other.

Fruits are basically water and sugar. When cooked on the barbie, their rich flavours are concentrated by reducing the water and caramelising the sugars. What you end up with are delicious and inventive side dishes, appetisers or desserts.

When barbecuing fruits, be sure to follow these general tips:

  • Hard fruits, such as apples and pineapples are the easiest to barbecue because they hold their shape well, rather than turning mushy when soaked or cooked. Soft fruits, such as peaches and plums can certainly be barbecued; you just need to take care not to overcook them.
  • Even if you are intending to eat the fruits without their skins on, leave them unpeeled while cooking. This will help to hold them together.
  • Prior to cooking, soak the fruit in lemon water for 20-30 minutes. This will ensure they don’t dry out on the barbie and that they’re natural flavours are not sucked out of them.
  • Be sure to thoroughly clean your grill before putting the fruit on it. There’s nothing worse than a watermelon that tastes like last week’s steaks.
  • Lightly spray the grill with cooking oil or brush the fruit with butter to prevent it from sticking to the grill. Don’t use any strong oils, such as olive oil, that will overpower the flavours of the fruits.
  • You can boost the natural flavours of the fruit by marinating them with spices or alcohol. Nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and rum are a few favourites.

So now that we’ve got that sorted, which fruits are best suited for the barbie? Well, it’s hard to go wrong really, but the following are my top 10:

1.      Watermelon

A classic summer fruit, Watermelon is known for being juicy and refreshing, and it’s no different when barbecued. Grill it, let it cool, add some rocket and balsamic vinegar and you have a delicious watermelon salad.

2.      Banana

Banana is another one of those stock standard fruits that can be taken to another level on the barbie. Leaving the peel on, cut it in half lengthwise. Sprinkle the cut sides with brown sugar and grill for a couple minutes, being sure not to burn the sugar. Serve with ice cream for a great dessert.

3.      Peach

Peaches are delicious, but delicate, so you need to be careful not to turn them to mush when cooking them. Leave the skin on, cut in half and grill cut side down for a couple of minutes. They’re a perfect side dish for all meats, but particularly pork and chicken.

4.      Apple

Apples get a bad rap as being “boring”, but they’re certainly not boring when cooked. The flesh inside softens and sweetens while the skin stays crisp. Cut them into thin slices and cook until you’ve achieved that perfect contrast.

5.      Coconut

A highly underutilised fruit here in Australia, grilled coconut is a wonderful surprise for everyone. Simply cut them open and grill flesh side down until the whiteness has turned a golden brown. Great served with chocolate.

6.      Fig

Figs are a very versatile fruit that make great appetisers or desserts. Select firm ones that will hold their shape, cut them in half, lightly sprinkle with brown sugar and cook.

7.      Pineapple

Pineapple is a classic barbecued fruit and no top 10 list would be complete without it. Cut into slices, remove the core and skin, sprinkle with a touch of cinnamon and grill until golden brown.

8.      Strawberries

The natural sweetness of strawberries and the traditional smoky BBQ flavour makes for a delicious contrasting combination. Skewer them and cook until softish without making them mushy and shapeless.

9.      Rockmelon

Much like other melons, rockmelons’ flavour actually deepens when barbecued, while still maintaining its refreshing sweetness. Cut into cubes, skewer and grill for a couple of minutes.

10. Orange

All citrus fruits are great on the barbie, as their sweet tang contrasts beautifully with the earthy BBQ flavours. And when it comes to citrus fruit, nothing is more classic than the humble orange. Slice it thinly and place the flesh on the grill.

What do you think? Are you planning on barbecuing any fruit to add to your next roast lunch or dinner? Let us know what your favourites are in the comments below.



Now that’s it’s winter here in Australia and people are generally cooking a lot more casseroles, stews and soups, it occurred to me that slow-cook barbecuing could not only keep the internal fires burning, but help with the family wallet as well.

Who wants to do slow cooking inside when we can save money with low and slow barbecue for the winter, feeding that mouth-watering addiction we’ve got?

Winter Roast on the BBQ

 How Barbecuing can Save You Money

As you know, with your current supply of marinade and seasonings, you can slow cook on any type of BBQ. You can use this to your advantage by barbecuing less expensive cuts of meat that we normally use for stews and casseroles in winter.

Barbecuing can therefore save you lots of money, still provide a nourishing and scrumptious meal, and be lots more fun, too.

Here are some very affordable cuts of meat that lend themselves well to BBQ:

Beef Roast

  • Beef Chuck
  • Beef Shanks
  • Skirt Steak
  • Beef Brisket
  • Leg of Lamb Roast
  • Whole Rump Roast
  • Pork Shoulder
  • Pork Leg
  • Chicken Legs and Thighs
  • Whole Chicken

Once you get the coals glowing or the gas fired up, you’ll already be looking forward to a delicious meal that would rival any expensive meal out in a restaurant.

You can also wrap up your veggies and toss them on the barbie side by side with the meat to save you money and time on cooking and clean up – fewer pots and pans, less water, and less detergent.

And you save on electricity because you don’t need your Slow Cooker.

No matter what your financial situation, BBQ offers a chance to do a basic meal with little prep time and very basic equipment. And kids love it.

Charcoal or Gas?

BBQ purists love using the perfect Charcoal BBQ for their winter season. And who can blame them with such a delicious array?

Napoleon Charcoal Kettle BBQ PRO22K-LEG


For example, the ingenious Napoleon Rodeo PRO Charcoal Kettle BBQ PRO22K-LEG offers the flexibility of searing directly over the coals (with or without smoky wood chips) or indirect grilling for fall-off-the-bone winter roasts. And with extras like a grill plate that can adjust to three different heights and a stainless steel diffuser to evenly distribute heat, you may never cook indoors again!

Galleymate 1100 Gas BBQ


And for gas enthusiasts, the array includes those made of marine grade 316 stainless steel that won’t rust outside, such as the Galleymate 1000 Gas BBQ. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, there’s a full range of gas BBQs as well.

Napoleon LEX485 Gas BBQ

How Barbecuing can Boost Your Spirits

Everyone knows that staying inside all the time can dampen your spirits. When you’re outside on the balcony or patio barbecuing your favorite winter recipes, your spirits will feel invigorated.

There’s something brilliant about the bracing cold air, the fresh feeling of being outside with Mother Nature, and rugging up for the cold in general. Even just going outside for a few minutes to check the food gives you a surprising boost.

A second boost is knowing that you’re giving your family the very best BBQ recipes and saving cash at the same time.

Enjoy good fellowship and cheer up your chilly days with cost-saving, delicious meals that come straight off the barbie. It’s the best comfort food there is.